Flare Measurement


          The Perfect Combination – Calorimeter and Process GC Continuous

BTU for fast Fuel and Steam Control Speciation for fine Control and Quantification

完美组合—热值仪和过程气相色谱仪用于快速燃料和蒸汽控制的连续 BTU精细控制和定量的形态

   The objective of the refinery sector rule or the upcoming olefinand chemical sector rule is to satisfy the regulatory requirementswith high certainty, lowest cost and a simple and maintainablemeasurement system. Flare monitoring needs the speed tocontrol the heat value for maximum combustion efficiencyand to control auxiliary steam to minimize flare visibility. Acalorimeter provides that speed but lacks the desirablespeciation. A Process Gas Chromatograph (GC) provides thespeciation to fine tune waste gas composition dependent steamaddition, prevents over steaming, locates waste gas source andquantifies emission.Either technology alone could satisfy the regulatory requirementsbut does not provide the most reliable and best control scheme.The winning combination are both together. Over many yearsand hundreds of analyzers installed on flares, the relativelysimple, long-term repeatable and reliable measurement systemshave been proven successfully. By backing up each other,uninterrupted control and data availability is provided. Knowntechnologies, often with on-site know-how available ensuresindependent and quick maintainability. A winning combination!
     炼油行业规则或即将出台的烯烃和化工行业规则的目标是以高确定性、最低成本和简单且可维护的测量系统满足监管要求。火炬监控需要快速来控制热值以获得最大燃烧效率并控制辅助蒸汽以最小化火炬能见度。热值仪提供了这种速度,但缺乏理想的形态。过程气相色谱仪 (GC) 提供形态以微调依赖于蒸汽添加的废气成分,防止过度汽化,定位废气源并量化排放。单独的任何一种技术都可以满足监管要求,但不能提供最可靠和最佳的控制方案。获胜组合两者都在一起。多年来,数百台分析仪安装在火炬上,相对简单、长期可重复和可靠的测量系统已被成功证明。通过相互备用,提供不间断的控制和数据可用性。已知技术,通常具有可用的现场专有技术,可确保独立且快速的可维护性。这是一个成功的组合!

Continuous Speciated MeasurementOn-line Process Gas Chromatograph MAXUM II®
连续特定测量-西门子在线过程气相色谱仪 MAXUM II®
Measurement:                    H2 (<1 min)
测量                                    N2 (<1.5min)
                                           Air, C1-C3+ (1 min)
                                           Air, C1-C4+ (2 min) H2, O2, N2,
                                           CO2, C1-C5+ (3 min)
                                           H2,  O2, N2, CO2, H2S, C1-C5+
                                          (Paraffine & Olefins石蜡和烯烃) (7.5 min)
Related Measurements:    H2S (0-300ppm) (3-5 min) Total Sulfur (3 min) Benzene (4 min)
关联测量                            H2S (0-300ppm)(3-5 分钟)总硫(3 分钟)苯(4 分钟)
Measurement Range:       up to 0-100%
测量范围                             高达0-100%
Linearity:                           99.9% over 5 Magnitudes
线性                                   99.9%超过5个等级
Validation:                        3-point auto validation
验证                                   三点自动验证
Auxiliary Gas:                    H2 or He, Control Air
辅助气体                            H2或He,控制空气
Sample Temperature:       60° C up to 120° C
样气温度                            60°C 至 120°C
Uptime:                             typical >98.5%
正常运行时间                     典型>98.5%
External Standards:           typical 3
外部标准                            典型3

  • Known technology widely in use

  • 广泛使用的已知技术

  • Reliable and forgiving diaphragm valve

  • 可靠和宽容的隔膜阀

  • Robust Thermal Conductivity Detector

  • 坚固的热导检测器

  • Utilizing known parallel chromatography with simplebackflush only simplifies maintenance

  • 使用具有简单反吹功能的已知平行色谱仅需要简单维护

  • Single Validation cylinder for Low, Mid or High point

  • 用于低、中或高测点的单个验证气瓶

   Sample Conditioning System(Probe, Sample Transport, Blowback)
   Can be common for Process GC and Calorimeter
   Design:                       Traditional or Smart
   设计                            传统或智能
   Temperature:             60° C up to 120° C
   温度                            60°C 至 120°C
   Auto Validation:         Typical 3 inlets
   自动验证                      自动验证:典型的 3 个入口
   System Integration:   3-sided, Cabinet, Shelter
   系统集成:                 3面框架、机柜、遮阳棚
   System Monitoring:   Analyzer System Management
   系统监控:                 分析仪系统管理

Continuous Heat Value Measurement On-line Calorimeter CWD2005®
连续热值测量UNION在线热值仪 CWD2005®
Measurement:             BTU (Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity)
测量:                          BTU(沃泊指数,比重)
Measurement Range:  0-2000 BTU
测量范围                       0-2000 BTU
T90:                              20 sec
相应时间T90                 20秒
Linearity:                      > 99.5%
线性                              > 99.5%
Validation:                   Zero & Span or 3-point validation
验证                              零点&量程或三点验证
Auxiliary Gas:               Instrument Air
辅助气                          仪表空气
Sample Temperature:  65° C
样气温度                       65° C
Uptime:                        >99%
正常运行时间:             >99%

  • Direct and accurate measurement of heat value

  • 直接准确地测量热值

  • Utilization of "Thermopile" for highest measurement accuracy

  • 利用“Thermopile”实现最高测量精度

  • Long term corrosion resistant

  • 长期耐腐蚀

  • Minimized Maintenance even with corrosive refinery gases

  • 即使使用腐蚀性炼油厂气体也能最大限度地减少维护

  • No measurement error due to presence of Oxygen

  • 不会因氧气的存在而导致测量误差

  • No fine orifices that particulates can plug

  • 没有微粒会堵塞的细孔

  • Known technology widely in use

  • 广泛使用的已知技术

  • Single point or 3-point Low, Mid and High point validation

  • 单点或三点低、中、高测点验证

       The refinery sector and the expected olefin and chemical ruleprovide analytical options. Calorimeter providing fast wastegas heat value measurement to control heat value in the flarecombustion zone and auxiliary steam addition. However,because steam addition depends also on the waste gascomposition, Process GC provides the speciation to preventover steaming.
     炼油行业和预期的烯烃和化学品规则提供了分析选项。热值仪提供快速的废气热值测量,以控制火炬燃烧区和辅助蒸汽添加的热值。然而,由于蒸汽添加量也取决于废气成分,过程 GC(气相色谱仪) 提供了此类特殊设备以防止过度气化。

  • The key for long term measurement is simplicity and robustness. Calorimeter and Process GC designs are widely utilized and well known.

  • 长期测量的关键是简单性和稳定性。热值仪和过程 GC 设计被广泛使用而众所周知。

  • Common sample system design based on long time experience together with forgiving injection valves minimizing liquids or steam condensate intrusion greatly reducing prolonged off-line time and loss of data.

  • 基于长期经验的常规样品系统设计,加上宽容的进样阀,最大限度地减少液体或蒸汽冷凝物的侵入,大大减少了离线时间的延长和数据的丢失。

  • Simplicity and known design enable on-site technicians to perform quick vendor independent maintenance preventing waiting for external support and prolonged down time.

  • 简单和已知的设计使现场技术人员能够执行独立于供应商的快速维护,从而避免等待外部支持和延长停机时间。

  • Only 3 external reference standards minimize operational costs and possibility of erroneous validation.

  • 只需 3 个外部参考标准,最大限度地降低了运营成本和错误验证的可能性。

     With hundreds of analyzers on flares, MAXUM® and Calorimeter provide a proven, repeatable and maintainable turn-key analytical flare monitoring system to satisfy the most rigorous regulatory requirements. The simple known analytical solutions are typically maintainable by on-site technicians and utilize 3 external standards only. Complementing speed with speciation, validating and backing each other up to generate uninterrupted results for confident flare control. A winning combination!
     几百个MAXUM® 和 Calorimeter火炬分析仪,可提供经过验证、可重复和可维护的交钥匙分析火炬监测系统,以满足最严格的监管要求。简单的已知分析解决方案通常可由现场技术人员维护,并且仅使用 3 个外部标准。形成的特殊配置设备的快速配合,相互验证和支持以产生连续的结果,以实现有效的火炬控制。这个一个成功的组合!